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The FIRST universal scheduling app specifically for barbers and their customers

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How It Works


Got You In is a scheduling solution for barbers and their customers. Got You In also introduced the first universal scheduling app for barbers. Through the Got You In solution, barbers and their clients can schedule, and manage, haircut appointments in real-time, anytime and anywhere. Got You In eliminates the process of manually texting or calling to schedule a haircut appointment, on the part of barbers and their customers.

For Barbers

It's easy. Create an account, complete your profile, and begin directing your customers to your unique ID Number so they can schedule their upcoming, or recurring, haircut appointment with you. If you're a Shop Owner, make sure barbers in your shop register under your ID.

Got You In provides a solution for barber to grow their business through efficiency, elevation and exposure. Through Got You In, barbers receive more time to cut more hair, which means more money. Our Member Barbers are promoted through Got You In marketing efforts. Additional tips on how to grow your business through Got You In are listed in The Razor's Edge.

For Customers

It's simple: in 3 steps, you can schedule your appointment! Create your account, complete your profile and schedule your upcoming, or recurring haircut appointment. Finally there's an app specifically for individuals to schedule their haircut appointment. Your haircut, why wait? Download the app from the App Store or Google Play, search for your barber, and book your appointment. Also, if you're traveling, or you've relocated, search for a barber in your area, and book your appointment. You pick the service you need (haircut, shave, both, etc,), and then you can choose the available times your barber has for the service your selected.